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About The Client: StudyiAbroad.Com “Instruction ends in the school room, but education ends only with life! Frederick W Robertson” The main aim of StudyiAbroad is to offer complete Study Abroad guidance and online learning experience to students from multiple backgrounds from across the world. We at StudyiAbroad make sure to provide a platform to all those aspiring students who for some reason are not able to attend regular university or college. We allow you to conquer your academic dreams from the comfort of your cozy corners in your respective countries. We are into the business to bring revolutionary global opportunities for its wings under one roof. Since 2008 we have been providing quality Education services to hundreds of Students all over the globe. Our team is highly trained and are a team of dedicated professionals who frequently travel to the Universities throughout the World thereby providing the best advice and aiding in success of their clients. Currently, we have offices in United Kingdom and in India.

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