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About The Client: Orbanography  BIT OF BACKGROUND Istvan Orban is a passionate pro photographer originally from Hungary who has been involved in several photo shoots all around London as well as in Hungary such as gigs, portraits, events, etc. His favourite subjects are street, landscape and portrait photography. Istvan has recently started to get involved into wedding photography too as it merges all of his skills into one pot. He also loves capturing emotions & filling each photo with love and excitement which comes very handy when we talk about wedding photography. PHOTOGRAPHY CONCEPT Photography creates unique moments which will never come back. That’s why it’s so important to have the right photographer to capturing all the beautiful moments that occur on e.g. a wedding day.

Client URL: https://orbanography.co.uk

About this project Orbanography :

Web Development

Web Cross Browsing Testing 

Web Customised portal

User Module 

Admin Module

WordPress Dashboard Customisation

Security Features Enabled

Server Set Up

Backup Set-Up daily/weekly/monthly

SEO Optimisation / optimization

Bespoke Customisation

E-Commerce Enabled

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