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Internet is swiftly emerging as a well-liked and well-accepted career source. Meticulously designed and methodically laid out vocation sites reign over the conventional newspaper classifieds in what can be called as the space age of today. Not long ago, job seekers had to look through the messed up newsprints to find a suitable job. This took away all their valuable time as this type of job hunting required finding an appropriate advertisement, posting CVs via conventional mails and waiting with fingers crossed for the interview calls. All this was too cumbersome and time consuming until the internet came to rescue!
Internet has made job searching a time saving, trouble free and cost cutting procedure. Now lets give a quick glance at how the online job hunting prevails over the off line one.
You will find quite a few job search engines all over the net, but not all of them are likewise good. A good search engine permits users to explore the main job sites of the corporate world and various other online jobs available by keyword and location.
Many companies have also started using required tools and technology to find applicants for them. Such technology often utilises resolute keyword searching by means of location, education, former employer details, title of the job and skills possessed. Hence it becomes mandatory that you list all of your minor and major job experiences on your online resume. For instance, if a corporation is looking for a candidate with “Supervisor” experience, and you haven’t listed it on your resume, then there are chances that they would never find you!
As an applying candidate, you needn’t worry about how to use these programmes and tools on the net. All you need to focus on is how exactly can you make your resume easily accessible to employers. Let’s get into this briefly.
Always remember that there are scores of applicants seeking jobs online. Therefore, while this may seem like a great strategy, in all probability it might not be enough to get you a job.  A great idea would be to approach the employers straight away. It is essential that the websites where you propose to plant your CV specialise in your business sector. Vacancies will be targeted more on field specific websites which even offer career guidance related to your area of expertise.
Another significant feature associated with online job searching is preparing a CV that is e-friendly and can be searched easily. Make sure to register all the details that can be supportive in making your CV prominent. The prepared CV should contain all possible details like the type of industry preferred, the desired location, acquired educational qualifications, skill sets possessed etc. under clear sub titles. 
At the end of the day, remember that the internet is only a tool, not a magician’s wand. It requires proficiency and assiduousness of the user to get positive and constructive results. Make sure you click on the right website first and then move ahead with a positive approach.
Meanwhile, you can continue to make use of all available contacts and any sources of information available for a better and more organised hunt for employment. There is something known as 'cold canvassing' or ‘cold calling’ which means that you contact an employer regarding employment directly even without them advertising their vacancies. You can benefit from this approach as you can target employers you desire to work for. Lastly, retain the old practise of picking up the telephone and calling people and try referring books in your local library along with internet search.
All the very best!
Dr. Fareeda Quadeer

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