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Before you get started, we’ve decided to show you some top features and how they look and work inside the editor.

This tutorial has been saved as Post Template. If you do not wish to take part in the tutorial right now, select the Post tab in the top toolbar, click and choose Blank Post. You can access this template anytime if you need to read it again.

Basic Formatting

Before your reader  can fully immerse themselves in the text, it’s customary to separate headlines, quotes and references so that they can easily understand what the material is about.

In you can do this by using Text formats and Colors. Each Blank Post starts with a single empty space called a Paragraph. You can select your Text format and Color for each paragraph from predefined designs of the Post Style. You can make your own Post Style in the in the Style Manager.

Use dropdown to set preset for a paragraph. To set a text color, select one of the color presets


Many articles stick out to us not because of their titles, but because of their images and multimedia elements.

In  you can use images and embedded media content to enrich your publication. Both of these elements serve the same goal—they explain the text, make it more vivid and contribute to the visual style of the article.

Example of an embedded content from video hosting platform

Upload and insert images into your post with  Add image button in the toolbar on the right. Add videos, polls and social media publications from supported providers with the  Embed tool.


Grids allow you to be creative with layout but still maintain a readable and coherent structure. They are effective in engaging readers by improving text readability and overall experience.

You may notice that this paragraph looks different to  the one before it. Select the paragraph and you will see tabs with  and  signs above it. This is how grids are represented in . You can control Grid column arrangement by clicking these tabs.

With Grids, you make  side notes like this

To put your content into a grid or add an empty one, use the Add grid tool and select a grid preset.


Backgrounds are a great way to separate sections of text  within the post. It is also useful for establishing  a brand presence by using colors from your brand book.

Color backgrounds can be added to grids and paragraphs, just like in this section. In, images can be used as backgrounds too. Our advanced editing options for image backgrounds ensure correct placement and scaling.

Background colors and images are a great way to establish your brand

To set a background color, select one of the color presets
For Grids and Columns one of the uploaded images can be selected as background via Image background button.


To make the post reading experience more fun, animate some elements. It is generally a good idea to animate secondary content like images, side notes, quotes etc. But with careful thought  even the craziest animated content might still work.

You can use  to animate individual elements or whole paragraphs and grids.  You can set the directions, zoom and rotation of the animation. Animations are visible in Post preview and on your website when viewing published posts.

See how these side notes are animated? Go on and check it out!

All of the variety of animation parameters can be accessed from Animation panel at the top bar. To preview the resulting animation, hit button there. To see the whole post use Preview post tool on the right.

What’s next?

We’ve gone through some of the most useful and basic tools that  has to offer. Of course within each tool there are multiple editing options and further capabilities. We advise you to get confident with the basics and then experiment with these capabilities.

Here we have some links to useful sites and material. To access the links, enter the preview mode.

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