Potty Mouthz

Potty Mouthz Website Design and development is done by iExpertini Limited. We have developed this client websites according to the client requirements.

About The Client: Potty Mouthz Is An Amazing And One Of Its Kind App, With Fantastic And Original Talking Cartoon Characters. These Hilarious, Side Splittingly Funny, Talking Characters Have Unique, Rude Insults, Comebacks And One-Liners Videos! Fun To Share On WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & More! Download The Free App Now And Laugh Till Your Sides Burst!! If you like fun, jokes, comedy, humour, laughter, emojis, memes, you will absolutely love this App!

Client URL: https://www.pottymouthz.com

About this project Potty Mouthz :

Web Development

Web Cross Browsing Testing 

Web Customised portal

User Module 

Admin Module

WordPress Dashboard Customisation

Security Features Enabled

Server Set Up

Backup Set-Up daily/weekly/monthly

SEO Optimisation / optimization

Bespoke Customisation

E-Commerce Enabled

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