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About this project

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1.      Project Background and Description

Mobile Application Development. The app will be designed to provide an easier and much more efficient service when booking for Salon. With Simple and Elegant Design. A huge selection of certified barber shops with an added services which customers can utilise and benefit from. The user can also review and research specific barber shops as recommended.

2.      Why you must do your project with us – iExpertini.Com

Foremost, you’re in good hands the brand in industry from almost more than 5+ years and known globally and trusted by hundreds of clients.

We’re not only build for you an awesome website but also will be there for you as and when needed with our services*. The project proposed for Trim Hub with search by location and online booking option by using the App.

3.      Project Overview


1)      Features for User/Customers

The user module has functionalities like sign up, sign in, making appointments etc. In the home page user can search different shops based on different cities. Various filter options like filter based on shop name, location, services, gender and offers are available. Once you select the search option on the home page you will be able to view the shops available for the selected city. The shop according to your desire could be selected and the booking for the same could be made.

When the user selects a particular shop, he has the option to view the profile, services, reviews and gallery. In the same page he has the option for booking that particular shop. Once the booking is made, the user can choose any available services and also schedule the date and time. In the next page, the user can view the appointment details, payment details etc. The same page has the option to change the booking and proceed to checkout. On clicking on “proceed to checkout” button, the booking is successfully completed and the user is redirected to the final page where he can see his booking id.

·         Simple and Elegant Design

·         User Welcome page

·         User can search Barber Shop

·         User can search with location

·         User can register and book the barber

·         User Management system

·         User can see the confirmed booking details

·         User can Rate and Reviews the Barbers

2)      Feature for Barber Shop/Service provider

The Service Provider /Customer/Saloon Owner can log into the system using their username and password. He can update their profile details. The major functionalities of the customer module are given below.

•  Gallery

• Bookings

• Reviews

• Offers

·         Simple and Elegant Design

·         Servicer Provider / Client Welcome page

·         Client can add services

·         Client Management System

·         Client can see who booked and contact details of user who booked

3)      Features for Backend Admin Panel

Admin has overall control over the system. Admin can log into the system using username and password. The main functionalities of the admin are given below.

• Shops management

• Service Management

• Gallery

• Website-Info

·         Simple and Elegant Design

·         Admin can add Vendor and see its services

·         User Management

·         Google Api Search and can set the city as needed

·         Admin Booking Management software

·         Admin Local Barber Shop search

·         Admin can add Unlimited Shops option

·         Admin can Manage and tracking bookings


4.      High-Level Requirements

   The System will be built on Android and iOS Software.ADASDSA

5.    Scope of Work

• Admin Module

• User Module

• Service Provider Module


Website design and development•        Content management system

•        Admin Panel

•        SEO Friendly

•        Training provided

•        Slider included



Service Item
With website design and development•        Free training class in person or over the phone