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No More Service Charge

No More Service Charge UK  Website Design and development is done by iExpertini Limited. We have developed this client websites according to the client requirements.

About The Client: Customer’s deserve to be treated like human beings, not cash cow’s. Our mission is simple, save your money wherever you dine out. No More Service Charge offers transparency and openness about restaurant charges for over 10,000 restaurants across the UK, something that surprisingly TripAdvisor, Yelp and many other website offerings haven’t yet tackled. We strive to bring a positive social change to a poor business construct – the automatic service charge. No other industry adds extra service charges to invoices or bills. No other industry gets away with adding the service charge and then not spreading the reward to the staff that has provided that service. With service charges ever increasing, the 12.5% service charge is no longer the standard. No More Service Charge’s database shows hundreds of restaurants in the UK are now charging over 12.5% with extra cover and corkage charges. Through powerful filtering tools and hardworking staff, we’ve contacted every single restaurant on our database to validate their practices and charges and posted them onto a map. All so that you can be better informed on where your service charge is being spent without having to ask the server after you’ve received the bill. Search the directory, contact the restaurant and vote with your feet. Together we can reward the restaurants that provide the best service and don’t expect anything in return.

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